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It has been a while since we have written anything about Project CARS, so we would like to start off by congratulating the new Clio Cup champion Mothergoosery! This was a 10 round championship held at 5 different circuit locations. Mothergoosery took two wins and two pole positions, however only visited the podium two further times, but put in a consistent showing at each round to finish 14 points ahead of his nearest rival.


The battle for 2nd was much closer, with TeKnO-_-91 beating Skyline_catt1683 by a single point! TeKnO also took two victories, and a pole position but a DNF at Donington park potentially hurt his championship chances and he actually managed to visit the podium on 5 occasions. Skyline also took a DNF in the final round of the championship, but managed to visit the podium 4 times winning at Silverstone on the National circuit and put in a strong showing through out the championship.

The classic touring car championship is due to reach its climax at Silverstone this Sunday evening, and since the F1 boys are getting all excited about F1 2016 we thought why not get in on the single seater action on Project CARS, I mean, you just cannot beat the thrill of taking Eau Rouge flat out in an open cockpit! The class of car we will be using is the Formula B cars.


Race distances will be 85 miles, and the regulations for this championship will be the same as the last time we ran a Formula B league, and will be held over 10 weeks. On the 7th August there will be a test race at the Zhuhai Circuit and the season will start the following Sunday. If you want to sigh up for this championship just click here to go to the sign-up forum, and write down you name because after the test race we are going to allocate the drivers according to test race results. This way we hope to get a more interesting championship. We hope to see you all on track!

If you are a little unsure, and want to see just how ‘smashing’ this championship can be, just take a look at this clip from the last championship!

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