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The 2019 Season is GO!

It may seem like we have been testing the latest Codemasters F1 game for an eternity, but it is almost time for the season to kick off at with the Australian GP! Our 2018 champion, Horst is back to mount a title defence, but the runner up Keyo will be hoping he will be able to go one better this year. Both drivers may need to look out for MichelinMan who has shown that he clearly has the pace to mount a serious title challenge. Whoever tops the leader board after the chequered flag in Abu Dhabi, this season looks like it will be another classic.


Regulation changes

There have been a few changes to the site regulations since the end of 2018. Some of these are fairly obvious (e.g. a point for the fastest lap), but there have also been a few tweaks to the rules and the way penalties will be applied this year. All drivers taking part in the season will need to make sure that they are aware of any changes. You can take a look at the updated regs on the rules and regulations page by clicking here


Updates to the website

As well as changes to the regulations, there have been a few changes to the website. During last season we added the league page which will show the championship standings, race calendar and contains links to the league forum. The league page also has a link to a ‘race replay’ page. We won’t be a forum page to upload race replays any more, however drivers can make a YouTube playlist for their replays which will automatically upload your races to the website (more info on this is located in the forum). Drivers will still be able to make appeals and post races absences in the forum however. 

Hopefully these changes will make the website more usable, and information clearer to find. As well as these changes we are hoping to look at creating a league in the near future using the F2 content in the game. But for now all eyes are focusing on Australia and who will take the first win of the season. Good luck to all drivers who have signed up to take part, it should hopefully be a cracking year!

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