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sh-racing54 wins F1 league drivers championship… Again!!!

sh-racing54 has been confirmed as the F1 league drivers champion for the 3rd year in a row, despite not racing this weekend.


This weekends F1 league race at the USA saw both Red Bull drivers of bigdave235 and Vernon-ator_1991, along with Sauber driver of Horst_der_Dieb battle it out for victory. The race ended up being decided on corner cut penalties with bigdave235 crossing the line first with Vernon-ator_1991 second. But due bigdave having 4 corner cut penalties, compared to Vernon’s 2 corner cut penalties, it was Vernon who took the victory by 3.4 seconds, his 3rd victory of the season (3rd win in 4 races). Horst finishing 3rd, 18.9 seconds back after suffering front wing damage just before his 2nd stop.

The race itself was very intriguing, as bigdave decided to commit to a 3 stop strategy while Vernon went for the more conventional 2 stop strategy and in the end, there was nothing to choose between the Red Bull drivers.

But despite this, sh-racing54 has won the drivers title as he leads the championship by 91 points, with only 75 points now available to win.

Mercedes look set to wrap up the constructors title in 2 weeks time at Mexico as well, with Mercedes leading Red Bull by 122 points, with 129 points available.


Congratulations sh-racing54 for another championship, I’m sure next season will see the title battle go right through to the season finale.

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