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Season 5

We have reached the end of the 2016 F1 season, and with only a few weeks before the release of Codemasters latest offering of F1 2017 the new Formula 1 and Formula 2 (previously titled GP2) seasons is not far away. In addition to the new F1 game (which also contains 10 classic F1 cars!) by the end of the year we will also have Project Cars 2 and Gran Turismo Sport meaning the possibilities of league racing over the next season are almost endless.

Inter league and F1 2017 testing

Between the end of the current season and the new game being released, as always we will run an inter league championship for all league drivers. The format will generally stay the same, with 4 races taking place on Sunday at 7pm UK time, although just a short qualifying will take place and GP2 level assists are allowed.

F1 2017 will be released on the 25th August, which just happens to be the weekend of the Belgian GP, so there is no better place to hole the first test race on the Sunday. The first two tests will be open to all drivers whilst the F1 and F2 driver lineups are finalised, followed by an F2 drivers test and a F1 drivers test. If there are no major issues with the game at this point we will be able to start our season. The full calendar looks like this;

If you want to sign up for the Inter league head over to the sign up page on the forum (a sign up page for the F1 and F2 leagues will be available once the new forums have been made)


Other leagues

This past season at RaceStation has been all about F1 2016, the racing has been really good and we have all been entertained by the great commentary, but it would have been even better if we would have been able to race in other categories such as GT-500 or GT3. Luckily this year we will be spoilt for choice. Gran Turismo Sport is the first GT game to be released on the PS4, and although it does not contain as many cars and tracks compared to other GT games, the game has a heavy focus on online play and there is certainly scope for a GT3 league within Gran Turismo Sport.

Project Cars 2 however could be the racing game that will provide a lot of league action at RaceStation. The game has over 180 cars (including Indy Cars) and 46 different tracks, many with different layout combinations meaning the possible league opportunities are endless. And not forgetting that the new F1 game contains 8 classic F1 cars powered by a V10/V8 engine we could be in for a busy season of racing.

Of course, apart from the main F1 and F2 leagues we don’t yet really have any idea of the leagues we will run this season until we can get our hands on these games and test things out (although a Le Mans style endurance race is a strong possibility), so keep an eye out for more news at racestation.net.

What sort of leagues would you like to see this year. A return of the Touring Cars, or something new perhaps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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  1. Im thinking maybe a one make race league for gran turismo again each round has a different track and different car with custom setups locked out (if this option is still added in the latest game) this way it’s a league of who is a better driver with the tools provided

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