Rules and Regulations

1. Race Rules

All drivers must stick to the following rules during a league race
• 1.1 All drivers must respect track limits. This means not letting all 4 wheels of the car leave the track, at the apex of a corner and on corner exit.
• 1.2 If a driver leaves the track, they must return safely without impeding other drivers on track
• 1.3 When side by side, drivers must leave each other one cars space and should not push each other outside of the white lines unnecessarily.
• 1.4 When defending, a driver can only make one defensive manoeuvre. Weaving is not an acceptable defensive. A defensive manoeuvre must be made before reaching the braking zone, and it should not be late or overly aggressive.
• 1.5 If a driver causes a collision, they must slow down and allow that driver to catch up. If the collision was due to an unsuccessful overtaking attempt, you must allow the driver to re-pass.
• 1.6 When entering and exiting the pit lane, drivers must keep all four wheels inside the white lines
• 1.7 When a steward is present, drivers must listen to all instructions and respond if necessary.
• 1.8 Blue Flag Rule: If a driver is a lap down they must not impede cars that are ahead of them during the race. Lapped drivers are allowed to un-lap themselves if they have greater pace than the leaders, but should do so cleanly.
• 1.9 All drivers must race fairly. Any driver who knowingly exploits a glitch or bug within a game to gain an unfair advantage during a league race will be removed from the results of that race, and may face further penalty such as race bans or permanent dismissal from the league.

2. Driver Licence

• 2.1 Every driver is issued with a licence for every type of game they race on, which is renewed every season.
• 2.2 Points can be accumulated for breaking the rules.
• 2.3 As points accumulate on the licence, penalties will be issued to the driver, and if a driver gains 12 points they will receive a suspended 2 race ban.
• 2.4 Points can be accumulated by reserve drivers as well as league drivers.
• 2.5 The licence point tariff for rule infringements are as follows;

During Qualifying
• Blocking another cars lap = 1pt per offence.
• Crashing car intentionally = Qually ban at next attended event.
• Breaching track limits which gives an advantage = 1pt.

During a Race
• Causing a collision – 10sec time penalty.
• Causing a collision causing other cars damage – 1pt + 15sec time penalty.
• Causing a collision which destroys another car – 2pt + 30sec time penalty.
• Deliberately causing a collision – DSQ’d from race results.
• Forcing another driver off track (outside of the painted white lines): 15sec time penalty (if position is not handed back).
• Deliberately destroying you own car – Qually ban at next attended event.
• Failing to hand the position back after causing a collision – 10sec time penalty (on top of the penalty handed out for causing a collision).
• Passing a car off track and failure to give the place back – 20sec time penalty.
• Illegal blocking or weaving, and ignoring the blue flag rule – 1pt per offence
• Cutting the pit entry or exit – 5sec time penalty per offence. Increased to 10sec time penalty if all 4 wheels cross white line.
• Verbal abuse to other drivers or stewards – Qually or race ban (depending on severity).

• 2.6 If in race penalties are received for corner cutting/exceeding track limits, the following penalties will be applied.
• 4x corner cut penalties = additional 15sec time penalty.
• 8x corner cut penalties = additional 30sec time penalty.
• 12x corner cut penalties = 1pt.

All other in-race time penalties (i.e. speeding in the pit lane) won’t be included in the penalty accumulation, but the in game penalties will still be applied to the end result.

• 2.7 If a driver accumulates points, they will receive penalties at the following thresholds.
• 4 licence points = Champ points deduction equal to 8th place finish.
• 8 licence points = Champ points deduction equal to 5th place finish.
• 12 licence points = Qually ban at next attended event.
• 16 licence points = 1 race ban.
• 20 licence points = Removed from championship.

3. Appeals and the FIA committee

• 3.1 If you are involved in an incident and would like it reviewed, you can submit an appeal to the FIA in the forum. You will need to show some evidence to support this such as a video or image, or by using the share button on the PS4. Stewards will also record race footage which may show an incident.
• 3.2 Appeals from a race need to be submitted in the relevant appeal room so it can be look at before the next race in your league, clearly stating the time the incident occurred. The FIA will meet in the middle of the week so any appeals from races held on a weekend need to be submitted by following Monday after your race.
• 3.3 Once per week the FIA committee will look at appeals and stewards appeals and if they uphold the appeal the offending driver will be issued with points on their licence.
• 3.4 The committee will be chaired by an admin member, with at least one other admin member present, along with league mods. Any site member is free to attend an FIA if the wish but their ability to vote on incidents will be at the discretion of the admin members.
• 3.5 Any driver who has points added to their licence is free to appeal the decision, but will need some form of further evidence to support it. Appeals need to be submitted before the next FIA meeting (i.e. within one week)
• 3.6 When using the appeals forum, drivers must not use any offensive or abusive language, or conduct any argument with another driver about the appeal in the appeal room.
• 3.7 Appeals can only be raised by drivers who are involved in incidents and by stewards responsible for a league race.

4. Stewards and room hosts

• 4.1 Mods are to ensure all racers are on their PSN friends list.
• 4.2 Mods must make sure a steward is present.
• 4.3 A suitable host with a stable connection should be used. A lobby will be created at 6:50pm and the host/mod will start inviting drivers.
• 4.4 The qualifying session will start at 7pm (unless otherwise rearranged).
• 4.5 If a driver might be late for the race, they should inform a mod or the league manager (by posting in the absence section of the forum). The start of quail can be postponed until 7:30pm latest, to allow a driver to race. 7:30pm start will also result in the Short Qualifying format being used.
• 4.6 Once the qualifying session has started, the session will not be restarted unless a full lobby disconnection or steward disconnection occurs. Drivers are able to re-join and regain control of their cars if disconnected from the lobby.
IMPORTANT: Only a steward/commentator can announce a red flag.
• 4.7 Mods/Stewards are to make sure all drivers wait 5 minutes after qualifying before starting a race. DRIVERS MUST NOT PRESS GO TO RACE until a steward has indicated the 5 minutes is up.
• 4.8 There are no more restarts for a lost connection except if the steward loses connection before the leader starts lap 5 of a race.
• 4.9 If turnout is low for a race, follow these guidelines:
o With 7 or more drivers present a full race distance should take place.
o With 6 drivers a 50% distance can be opted for. Full points awarded.
o With 5 or less drivers present the race may take place at a reduced distance. Half points awarded.
o 16 or more drivers are required for full qualifying format to be run. 15 or less will result in Q1 being skipped. 10 or less will mean short qualifying being used.
Gran Turismo and Project CARS
• 4.10 Races are not required to be stewarded as race replays can be saved.
• 4.11 Races will not be restarted due to connection losses, unless more than 50% of drivers drop out of the lobby.
• 4.12 A new room should be created 15 minutes before the advertised race start time.
• 4.13 For a race result to become official and points tables updated, a photo of the qualifying and race results must be uploaded to the forum.

5. Site conduct

• 5.1 RaceStation is a community of drivers who want to enjoy clean and competitive racing. It is important that all members show respect to each other on track and on the website/forums
• 5.2 All members should refrain from repetitive use of swear words or other language which may be deemed offensive in the chat rooms or forum.
• 5.3 Aggressive, racist or any other discriminatory language towards another member is strictly prohibited and may result in a temporary or permanent site ban
• 5.4 Posting spam, unsolicited links or pornographic content is strictly prohibited
• 5.5 Posting information regarding other racing leagues is also prohibited unless you have the express consent of an admin site member
• 5.6 Failure to comply with the rules in section 5, their account may be temporally or permanently suspended and will no longer be allowed to race in our events.
• 5.7 Drivers must also show due care and attention to the rules in section 1 and 2. Although most people will be involved in an incident from time to time, drivers who show total disregard for the racing rules and other drivers in a league may also have their account suspended.
• 5.8 RaceStation reserves the right to suspend or delete any members account as it sees fit, without any express notification or warning.

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