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RaceStation’s F1 2019 Season

Another year has passed, and another F1 season is complete which means it is time to start the planning for our 6th season of F1 league racing on F1 2019!

There won’t be too many changes to how we run the leagues. If there are enough drivers we would like to run an F1 non assist and assist leagues (just like the old pro league (PL) and assist league(AL). We may need to move back to the old names as the new game contains F2 cars. It would be good if we could run an F2 league as well (but it would be confusing if we kept our F2 league running in F1 cars!)

If you want to sigh up to race with us in 2019, click here to head to the signup forum and put down your PSN name and what assists you use.

Game Testing

The game will be on full released on Friday 28th June (or on the 25th if you pre-order the Legends Edition). The first test race of the season will take place on Sunday 30th June at the RedBull ring, with Silverstone hosting the second test a week later. The first two test races are open to all drivers who use assists and non assists.

After the initial test races we would like to test out the F2 content in the game. We are aiming to start the season later in the summer, which means people are less likely to miss early races because of their summer holidays. To help fill this gap we will run the F2 testing as a mini Inter league championship before one final F1 test race.

Provisional Calendar

Two versions of the provisional calendar are below, and the final version will depend if we have enough drivers to run two leagues. This could be subject to change if there are significant issues with the game, but hopefully that won’t be necessary.

Although there won’t be too many changes to the league, there have been a few changes to how the leagues use the website, with the introduction of league pages which will be the place to find relevant information about your league such as schedule, championship table and race replays.

We are hoping that Codemasters releases an amazing F1 game, and we will be inundated with drivers and we will be able to run a number of leagues, so head over to the forum where you can signup to a league. If we are in the situation where we do have too many drivers, preference will be given to drivers who have driven with us in the past/completed the full season. Drivers who have started and dropped out may be added to a reserve list in the first instance.

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