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RaceStation 2020

Another year has been and gone, and it is almost time to start the new season! In 2020/21 we want to try and keep things generally the same as before, but to maximise the opportunities for the number of leagues across different categories and games.

First off is the new F1 season. The game is fully released on Friday 10th July (or on the 7th for the deluxe edition), so for a bit of fun before we kick off testing, on Sunday 12th July we will run a ‘Not the Dutch GP!’ race, at 50% distance with some assists allowed. This will be a good opportunity to try out the game on a new circuit, and we might find a few new drivers who might want to try out some league racing. The following few weekends will be the F1 test races, this will be to check out the game for bugs etc (will the SC work properly in 2020???)

However I would also like to use testing to compare what racing will be like if we used fixed setups, therefore the four tests will be two back to back races (at Austria and Silverstone) first with no setups and then setups allowed. The reason is that some of the Gran Turismo leagues that have used fixed setups have seen some really close racing and it would be good to see if this can be replicated in F1. A decision wont be made until we have completed all of the tests and opinions of drivers taken on board so we can have a consensus.

Once we have completed testing we will be able to start the league in late August. Ideally if we have enough drivers it would be good to run an assist league, and a non assist league on alternate Sundays. Here is a draft schedule for the year which includes the potential for having an F2 championship on Wednesdays, as well as slots for Gran Turismo Leagues and a winter endurance championship.


If you would like to drive in the F1 leagues head over to the sign up page and pop your name (PSN ID) in the forum. It should be another interesting year of racing. We also have the launch of the the Playstation 5 to look forward to with the prospect of running a league on Gran Turismo 7! Got any thoughts on what you would like to see in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.