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Personnel and site changes at Racestation.net

Ok, a few weeks ago I made a post that an announcement will be made and here it is. There have been a number of changes that have occurred and a number of plans that are in the pipeline. So what are the changes???

Well first of, about midway through last season bigdave235 took the difficult decision to step back from his site administrator role, to just focus on racing. It then meant that initially I (Vernon-ator_1991) ended up taking the sole admin responsibilities and it was my decision to just finish the season off with what we had initially running and then return with a bang for the new season. Other site members have now been given site and league responsibilities to help ensure that the site stays up-to-date and runs as smoothly as possible. So the site positions are now as follow:

Site admin: Vernon-ator_1991


Gran Turismo Admin: sh-racing54

Project Cars Admin: MatthewAsbreuk

I am also looking for someone to run our social media side of things as this site does have Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages. I don’t use social media regularly enough to feel that I can fully utilise these services, so if someone who uses these sites regularly is able to contact me, it would be highly appreciative. This would then hopefully keep our name out there and hopefully attract more members.


In terms of leagues running. I’m looking at running something on F1 2017 (Classic cars or 5-lap sprint series) between now and the release date of the new game. sh-racing54 is currently looking at GT Sport leagues and has put a few suggestions forward to me. Initially GTS will run a small 5 race championship or something along those lines just to see what the numbers and interest will be and then move on from that to a slightly longer lasting championship, but also trying the keep the balance of interest (i.e. not making races too long or championships too long).

sh-racing54 has also been in contact with MatthewAsbreuk in regards to Project Cars to get something along the lines of a GT3 championship running on PC2, or something that isn’t possible on GTS. Like a Indy 500 for example.

More announcements with league announcements will follow in the following days and weeks as it does take a little time to finalise rules and plans.

Also in regards to site rules and penalties, I am rewriting these rules especially the ones in regards to what penalties are received for which offence so that it doesn’t put people off because of what some people have deemed as quite harsh penalties. So my idea on these penalties is that more of the offences will mean post race time penalties rather than licence points so people don’t receive points deductions too regularly. Only the more serious penalties and offences will result in receiving licence points. These will be posted in the next few weeks as I ensure they are fully rewritten correctly. F1 will still initially run with 2 leagues, but more leagues could always be considered if the numbers and interest does occur. This also means that if more leagues or interest does occur, the assists for each league may edit slightly. Obviously the quality of the game will be a big element to that. So we’re helpful.


You will also notice in the next few weeks that parts of the forum will be moved in to the archive to make space for the new leagues that we will have running very soon.

When F1 2018 is released at the end of August, there will initially be a bit of testing and getting familiar with the game, before trying to arrange a couple of test races. Normally it’s about 4-6 weeks after game release before the league season starts. But again, this all depends on any game issues, glitches and faults (if any).

I appreciate to all who has kept faith in this site, after what has been a difficult 6 months or so but we will get this site thriving again and a place where people will want to be.


Vernon-ator_1991 (site administrator)

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