Keyobemi wins the F2 League drivers championship

After a thrilling battle throughout the F2 field all season, Keyobemi has finally come out on top and taken the F2 league drivers championship at the final weekend. Keyobemi came in to the final round knowing that all he needed to do was to finish in the top 10 and he would win the championship and he ensured that with a 2nd place finish at Abu Dhabi. The race being won by TLK.

The championship lead in the F2 season has swung back and forth between Keyobemi and Madman all season. Keyo taking more wins through the season, but Madman more consistently on the podium, meant that it was all to play for in the final few rounds. It wasn’t all heartache however for Madman and  also his teammate S007Ps, as McLaren had sealed the constructors title at the Brazilian GP.

Keyo has shown all season that when it comes down to qualifying, he is the king of taking pole position, taking 14 poles during the 20 race season. The races however have shown that Madman and TLK have been more than a match for Keyo and if certain situations had gone another way, the championship could have ended very differently. As a result of Keyo, Madman & TLK finishing in the top 3 this season, they have the option for moving up to the F1 league next season. So we will see who does decide to take up that offer and who doesn’t. Either way, we hope that F2 can continue the entertaining races next season and that those who do decide to move up to the F1 league can show what they are made of against the best of the non-assist drivers on this site.



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