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The Ginetta G4 Challenge & the Toyota S-FR Trophy

The last few months has been a good one for fans of racing games. F1 2017 is turning into one of the better F1 games of recent years, and this has been followed by Project Cars 2 and Gran Turismo Sport. Here at RaceStation our F1 leagues are well underway, so now its time to add a bit of sports car racing to the mix!

To get us started we are going to run two one make championships over 6 races on each game, with test races commencing this week.


Project CARS 2: Ginetta G4 Challenge

The Ginetta G4 challenge will take place on Saturday evenings starting at 7pm. A 30 minute qualifying session will be followed by a 48 mile race, which works out to around 20 laps for most circuits on the calendar. The schedule for this season looks like this;


Test race: Hockenheim National21 Laps4th November
Knockhill National48 Laps11th November
Brands Hatch GP20 Laps18th November
Oulon Park Island20 Laps25th November
Donington Park National24 Laps2nd December
Sugo20 Laps9th December
Laguna Seca21 Laps16th December


A points system ranging from 15 points for first, to 1 point for tenth position will be used, but getting a pole position or a fastest race lap will gain you an extra point. Its going to be a single entry championship, so no teams or constructors championship. To sign up, head over to the forum (click here), posting a picture of the car livery/driver number you want to use.


Gran Turismo Sport: Toyota S-FR Trophy

Another one make series, in the slightly quirky but fun Toyota S-FR, will run on Thursday evenings at 8pm. Qualifying will last for 15 minutes (although GTS doesn’t have a qualifying mode yet, so qualifying will effectively take place in the practice lobby). This will be followed by a 25 mile race, and then a 12.5 mile reverse grid race where the results of the first race are reversed to form the grid for the shorter sprint race. The track list for this league is;


CircuitRace 1Race 2Date
Interlagos (Test Race)9 laps5 laps2nd November
Brands hatch Indy21 laps10 laps9th November
Kyoto Driving Park: Miyabi21 laps10 laps16th November
Suzuka East18 laps9 laps23rd November
Alsace: Village7 laps4 laps30th November
Tokyo Expressway: Central Inner loop9 laps5 laps7th December
Dragon Trail: Seaside8 laps4 laps14th December


The points system used for the Ginetta challenge will be used here, with a point for pole and another for the fastest lap in each race. To signup for the league click here to head over to the forum. Again this will be a single entry championship, and drivers will need to post a picture of their car livery and driver number when they sign up.

Overall, these are fairly short leagues. As the games are still fairly new, it will allow us an idea of how the games work for online league racing, and any potential problems there might be. This means when we run multi car, longer races leagues in the new year we should have sorted out any issues we might have found.

Normal RaceStation rules and regulations will apply in these races, but for the specific info on how the lobbies will be setup you can find more information in each league forum.

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