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Interleague 5×10’s taking place over the Christmas period

During the Christmas break at RaceStation, we will be hold two 5×10’s over the Christmas period. The first 5×10 will be held on the 23rd December at 7pm UK time (normal league racing time) and then again on the 30th December at the same time. Track details for both weekends are as follow:

23/12 – France, Azerbaijan, Abu Dhabi, Hungary, Italy, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Britain & Brazil.

30/12 – USA, Belgium, Singapore, China, Germany, Japan, Austria, Spain, Russia & Bahrain.

Announcements will also be made a day or so before each 5×10 event as to who will be hosting, just in case the likes of myself are not available.

The room will be set up as a ‘Friend’s Only’ and will be a first come first serve in terms of who gets in to the lobby, to prevent any kind of bias towards any certain drivers being invited in. To prevent this further, the lobby hosts will not send any invites out. The only notification will be in the F1 & F2 league group chats on PSN to say that a room is open. No constructors championship, each driver is out there for themselves.

The room lobby settings will be set differently to entice close exciting sprint races, but this does not mean we are encouraging anyone to cause contact or lunge for moves that are clearly not possible (despite the image).

Damage will be turned off. Previous experience has proven that even on reduced damage, wing damage affects the car too much.

Setups will be fixed, so everyone will be running the same default setups for all rounds.

Weather will be left on dynamic and assists will be set to F2 specs.

The format for each weekend will be a 1-shot qually, followed by a 5 lap race with 10 rounds per weekend. A 30 second break will be included between each round to allow toilet breaks etc.

Each full event should take just over 1 and a half to 2 hours. So no different to any normal league weekend.

This is purely for fun and entertainment. We will have an overall winner after each weekend, but this does not contribute to anything towards the official leagues.

Please comment below to show your interest and for which weekends we may expect you to participate in. Merry Christmas everyone, I’m off for a drink šŸ˜›


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