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    Just a short note to ask about safety car returning? Seems to of gone all quiet since itโ€™s been taken off due to glitches, so Iโ€™m just asking to see if any other driver thinks we should give it a bash again ๐Ÿ‘





    I agree i think we should give it another go, It messed up at Spain but there has been fix’s to the game since then.
    So i say lets go ahead and put it back in for Baku



    The SC glitch is still an annoying feature in the game. A practice race some of the F1 league drivers did before our league race last night and the glitch occurred there. The latest patch release did not mention anything about the SC.



    I’ve been doing league racing on Friday night’s with sc on and it seems to work fine.



    That is what makes me think it is fixed, I heard many people say that they race other leagues with it on and have no problem.
    Then i hear that some of the F1 lads did a practice with it on and it was not fixed. So now i don’t know.
    It is very frustrating Safety is a key part of the race. It helps people out and it can mess somebody’s race up 50/50 how it works depending on race.
    It would be nice to use it again, so hopefully we can have a talk about this one TOGETHER and see what happens



    I’m not going to get in to an argument but the SC is not fixed. Until patched, the SC will not be used for leagues. It would be nice to use, but if it’s going to cause more race reruns then we’re not going to risk it.



    Not wanting to argue but was told to post it on site as I had a thought watching f1 race last night, not sur if this is the right place for it.
    I think we should take the ones that use no traction and slide them into f1, fill that league up and also give us a we chance as no traction is clearly a second plus quicker….plus with safety car in our race it would stop people getting lapped on lap 6-7 which fucks their race and they canโ€™t battle… I have got use to no traction but better over a race with medium …



    As requested by our LM who has already brought this to fia attention I would like the safety car back ASAP as it plays a big part in f1. By making a slight mistake near the start of a race you can be lapped 2-3 times per race as you get blue flags etc. It keeps racing a lot closer and gives those at the back a reason to race, once lapped 2-3 times you lose interest! ๐Ÿ‘



    i would like to say sorry in advance for my up coming essay

    i would like to react to the debate on the safety car and the idea of j19 and others mentioned in his message above.

    on the safety car debate my opinion is clear: i would like it back as well because it is a part of f1. also it will give us closer racing and more exciting strategies wich is making the races intresting. besides that it seems that it does work in other leagues, so maybe is it an idea to do a test race with all of us or bring it back straight away.

    now on the idea of j19 and others: my opinion on this is shortly sad that this idea is as awfull as it can get. all the arguments for this idea are bullshit.

    first of all the statement of no traction being 1 second quicker debateble with the fact that at this moment we have a leader of the championship in madman who is using medium traction. also he has won 3 races wich shows he is able to keep up with to so called no traction runners. on the other hand we have drivers like prenta who are also using no traction but are in the midfield. so running traction or no traction says nothing about how fast a driver really goes. also a video of veloce limitless where the difference between the two are tested show that the laptimes are quite simular.

    2nd: the idea of pushing us no traction drivers is outrageous:

    – this because people with no traction in the f2 still use assist. for example i am not used to driving without a line yet, so this will mean i wont be able to join the f1 league straight away
    – people like me who are using no traction and are fighting for the championship will not have the change to win the f2 nor the f1 title because we are allready at round 9.

    some drivers are thinking this is a good idea because it will bring more battles for those at the back. but this won’t mather because the gaps between those who use traction won’t change aswell. the only difference then is that the 14th placed driver will be driving in 11th place. the only reason why this would work for these guys is that it gets them closer to the podium spots because competitors are taken away from the scene.

    this is just disadvantaging those who are using no traction in the f2 league at the moment so the traction users can take advantage from that. don’t get me wrong i really want to see close battles and field that isnt that spread out, but this is just blaming someone else for the fact that you are not in a position where you want to be. and maybe it is an outrageous thing i am going to suggest right now, but maybe it is an option too look at possibilities to improve your own pace. i am all in for the idea that everyone needs to have fun by doing this and i support that, but people should not forget that this is a competition as well.

    at the end of the day we are not going to ask usain bolt to start running his 100m when everybody else has allready run 20m, because otherwise these guys can’t win. but yet this is sort of is what we are doing by all the ideas i heared for the f2 league.

    again sorry for my essay but this is starting to anoy me

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