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      I would just like to find out if this league is going to carry on because recently we’ve gone from having 2 leagues to barely scraping 1 league together, tonight threw up some questions, if drivers can make it each race and let’s face it we’ve all got our private lives and problems then why did no admins show or at least put down in absences ? Especially as they we’re on modern warefare most of the day!!
      I don’t want to take away the performance of the drivers tonight well done to all especially davej getting a podium, brilliant lads. But i think we deserve to know what is going on otherwise thats me done with all this.

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      Thanks Dek i had a incident free race and managed to keep the penalty’s down, and like you and probaly the whole grid,how many that is i/we don’t know from race to race,what is the future of RS,so admins or who ever it is that can put a answer to Deks post we all would like to know.

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      I’M DONE!!!!!
      People are more than happy to comment and moan about the site not being updated regularly, or this and that not being done, but are they willing to help? Like fuck are they….

      No-one realises the finances I have put in to the site over the years, just to keep it functional. It’s now at the point that I do not want to put another penny in to the site.

      I had a last minute family matter to attend to yesterday, which wasn’t anything to be worried about in the end, but still had to rush off at very short notice. Which was why I was absent from last night. So again people saying it was suspicious that I was not there, was again really unfair to even think that.

      It’s obvious that everyone wants to bitch and moan, but not controbute.

      I quit the league and quit the site.

      Dave and Matt still have admin permissions on this site, so can use that to sort out suitable admins etc.

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      Yes Vern, people are bitching and moaning on the site, those people are drivers. We join racestation to race and not help run the bloody site that’s the people that want to run said sites job., basically if you can’t commit leaving /stepping down is a good shout in my book, no hard feelings but you were pretty much the reason f2 folded, hope all goes well in what you do.all I can say is we tryed with you this season but it was your way or no way, but like I say “it is what it is “ 👍

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      Well i can not say i am not surprised

      I tried to fix this a long time ago by suggesting we put all drivers in one League, As we was short of drivers for both Leagues.

      But some of the F1 drivers are stubborn (not all of them). And refused point blank to race with the F2 drivers as we was in their minds not up to the standard of what they wanted, (AKA we used Assists).

      I stopped racing and doing the LM job due to health issues and just not having the time on a weekend. SH-Racing took over my duties, And once F2 started fading away to about 6 drivers he decided it would be a good idea to suggest the F1 drivers reserved in F2 League to fill the grid but F2 drivers could not reserve in the F1 League.

      So the F2 drivers refused this because it was totally unfair and baised. F2 League folded and F1 is now Struggling or gone all together.

      Could of all been great if people had gone along with my idea.

      This Site still has potential and can get back to way it was, But the Admins have to work with the drivers and do what is best for all of them not just what is best for the F1 League.

      Thank You

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      stop trumpet blowing and someone sort this shit out b4 we have fuck all left please

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      Just like vultures hanging around a corpse !!

      To ALL Racestationers past, present & future) I only have one word ‘comitment !
      Wouldn’t life be easy, if when the going gets tough..we just give up !!

      As for the mixing leagues idea.. It would never work. Mike it has to be a level playing field or what’s the point of racing ! Personally, if you can’t play the game properly ie. Not using Assits then maybe you should join a league that Only uses them.
      F2 was supposed to be a feeder for F1.. But most of the F2 winners didn’t want to move up because they couldn’t drive without assits…therefore, they quit or went else where..the league should of been split into assits & no assits. Just to cater to everybody’s skill level.

      However, this Was NOT the real issue… The problems lie with us, the league members ! Seriously !! I’m sure that running a league is time consuming & dealing with temperamental wannabe racing drivers would drive anyone crazy. When we all sign up to race for a season..we should see it through, regardless how fast or slow you are.. I understand we all have RL issues , health, emergencies..etc (myself included) so that may not always be possible to attend every race. But at least make an effort..there are other people whom rely on you being there !

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      Make a effort I did that for 3 years Demon and it got me know where apart from being diarepscted by certain drivers.

      It’s a little biy hard to make a effort when you are lying in a hospital bed fighting for your life.

      You want this site to work you have to trust me. I know people are quicker than others and it aint going to be equal playing field, but we dont really have that anyway. One league will work. Until we get the drivers we need to form 2 leagues again

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      I think first and foremost we have to understand that running an F1 league racing site alongside work and other day to day activities is extremely tough, so credit to the admins where its due. However, I think all this ‘F2 Assists is for pussys’ etc is totally unfair and wrong. So what if people want to use traction control or racing line. If people pay £50 for a game and £200 plus for steering wheels etc they should do what makes them happy and comfortable, unless F1 drivers are happy with the F2 guys spinning out and destroying other cars (highly doubt it). Both leagues should be treated equally regardless of what people use. In terms of the F2 league collapsing, when we only had 6 people turning up to race, i suggested that we pause the league racing and spend the time to try and recruit more drivers to the league, then when we had a suitable amount we could resume racing again, unfortunately my suggestion didnt even get a reply or opinion from anyone on the site:/ Its a shame its come to this as Racestation IMO has been my favourite site to race on. Hopefully things can get sorted out again!!

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      As I was responsible for the assits users are pussies comment…I feel that I should be the one who responds.

      Racestation has a future !! There are cogs turning as we speak , to try & sort something out & make things a little bit easier to organise/manage & hopefully ( with everyone’s input) WE can get back to doing what WE all love to do…racing !! With regards to the assit vs non assit….the league were set up wrong from the start…I agree, that you should be able to play, however YOU want…but I think I would be totally unfair if people were expected to race against people whom had a advantage…especially in racing…

      In the meantime..the F1 race WILL be going ahead as far 13 drivers are expected !! If ANY of the Ex F2 league wants to join us..please message me through PSN & we can discuss options.

      As for everyone else I look forward to seeing you there on Sunday for the F1 race at Hungray. If you really can’t make it….please let someone know (if possible)

      Thank you

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