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    2015 licence framework
    Incident list:
    Blocking another cars lap
    Destroying car intentionally
    breaching track limits & eventually that lap becomes there best lap.

    The race
    Causing a collision
    Causing a collision resulting in damaged car
    Causing a collision resulting in a destroyed car
    Causing a multiple car collision
    Causing a collision if intent to do so is proven
    if a driver is constantly nudging a driver causing no damage but maybe some loss of lap time
    Destroying ones own car on purpose
    excessive corner cutting
    passing a car off track and failiure to give the place back
    nudging another car which leads to the car losing positions
    nudging a car which leads to offending car passing and not letting the car back through
    illeagal blocking or weaving
    pit entry or exit cuts
    verbal abuse to other drivers or stewards

    My thoughts on 2014 season
    more time penalties should be given alongside licence points,ifeel drivers can win a race by causing a collision and may just receive a licence points penalty,id like to see penalties be more strict,blocks of 20sec penalties I think we should give out as some drivers may choose to ignore the possibility of a 10sec pen.I think a driver reaching 12 points on licence the penalty should be increased from a 1 race ban.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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