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    post below…



    Keeping this as a reference for the future.. Totally bullshit decision..

    Nuljern vs BK: The FIA deemed this a racing incident. BK did not intentionally hit Nuljern,
    nor did he gain any advantage from the incident. He did not weave and stuck to his line
    but Nuljern appeared to slow unexpectedly. No driver was totally to blame for this



    I know BK didn’t hit me intentionally.. He didnt gain any advantage, but gave me major disadvantage in that i lost 2 positions..He didnt weave or anything, i agree..

    Now here is the thing FIA..

    You say “i appeared to slow unexpectedly”, now i disagree.. How can i slow unexpectedly when there is a double tight corner, it should be expected?
    And the cause of the collision was not cause i slowed down “unexpectedly” but because he put on throttle. Its so obvious on the video with sound.

    First there is a right corner followed up by a left corner, where as shown on the video i brake 1 time for each of the two corners which is normal, when i was hit, i wasnt braking, just rolling to make the tight corner. bk proved that if you put throttle on, you go too wide and off track, which he did, taking me with him off track.

    I could wonder if FIA even has seen the video with sound? Based on the summary and the reasons behind the decision..

    At least i would like to know the real reasons for the decision, cause those you put forward are not valid..



    Craazy race.. First lap in qualifying i crash and retire, so started from 19th.. Anyways, got an ok start, but on lap 5 Mothergoosery “parked” his car near the pitlane entry, so i rammed him and lost my frontwing, so had to pit, then later i got disconnected, to return to game whilst being lapped by some cars, and once again my frontwing got damaged, and i had new softs so was forced to try and complete my stint. AAt least i finished 8th from a 19th, and considering my luck this race, im pretty happy..

    Congrats to my teammate for getting a 3rd when he came of track at the beginning and even was behind me at some point.. Good racing, well done! #DriverOfTheDay



    2. Race in Bahrain

    Qualifying was total bollocks, got trough to Q2, but while doing my second hotlap i disconnected for the fourth time, but did get a time of 1.32.8 or something which made me 11th, but when i reconnected they all had advanced to Q3, i could accept 11th, but for some reason i started at the back, dead last.. Not only that, i also got a drivethrough penalty as the race started, dont know why, maybe because of the stewards causing the yellow flag and i passed them right at that time.. Oh well then the SC came out, which made me think i could take me penalty, but was not possible so it just made a normal pistop, which made me fall further back.. And much time later the SC came out again, right after i let sh pass me, so i was now behind SC in “2nd” with sh in front and kimi behind me, i thought i could pass the SC because me freakin pitwall told me, but then got a warning, so i just stayed right there between the mercs. But with the thought of my pace and the fact i was gonna get blue flagged like a little smurf because of all the faster cars behind me, and also my “car in front” was a whole lap in front of me, i think i was 14th, or something, and the guy in 13th was actual not far behind me i assume..Ended up with P12 i think.. Dont really have any clue what happened this race, BIIIG thanks to vernon for makin me reset my router, didnt know that it was causin me to disconnect..THANKS..

    Cant wait for the race in China. It can really only get better!

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