I would like to make a complain two incident in moza

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      1. I would like to appeal on davej during the safety car was out holding me and few others behind slowing me down others down while I notice that there was a big gap between the top three in between davej, myself and others drivers. he should of stayed no longer then 10 car length he did that on purpose to slow me down so he can let the top three go ahead. So he decided to play mind tricks on me while I almost lost it but lucky enough save it got back on the track. please go to my stream to have a look https://youtu.be/aoc5hDlnFQc 1.02.14 to 1.12.06
      2. Again go to 1.04.24 to 1.04.50. I would like to appeal on bigdave what was you thinking approaching that corner into turn 1 out of nowhere you decide to do a massive dive bob on on me that was a reckless move could of taken two cars out. I think you should take some driving lesson before you go back on the track to see where is your braking points are. Also if you go to deK stream you just went flying pass him decide to make the move on me then all sudden you hit me your car went opposite round as you park the bus while dek was turning into the corner

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      This isn’t in appeal room!! so i can respond,your complaint against me is laughable,all i can say is take your own advice. Go watch what your own replays before you start trying to give advice to other drivers.

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