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      F1 Abu Dhabi Appeals

      TLK vs Horst appeal (lap 22)

      TLK stated in his appeal that he lost control of his car, therefore admitting that horst is not at fault for this incident. No further action is taken.

      Horst vs TLK counter appeal

      The FIA looked at the driving between the two drivers following the safety car and noted the following incidents.

      Lap 21 turn 5: It was noted that TLK made a late change of direction close to the braking zone, however it was felt it did not warrant a penalty.

      Lap 22 turn 3 collision: As TLK lost control of his car, this is judged to be a racing incident.

      Lap 23 turns 8 & 9: As the drivers enter the chicane TLK causes a collision and forces horst off track. TLK will have 10 seconds added to his race time for causing a collision and 15 seconds added for forcing a driver off track.

      Lap 28 turn 10: As the drivers approach turn 10 along the second DRS straight TLK makes two defensive moves, once in the braking zone. TLK will receive 1 penalty point for this incident.

      Due to the time penalties, TLK will be demoted from P4 to P7 in the final classification of the Abu Dhabi GP.

      TLK will be demoted to 7th at Abu Dhabi due to the time penalties.
      It was also noticed that TLK has 5 penalty points on his licence but the penalty for reaching 4 points has not been applied (removing 4 championship points from his total)

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