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      FIA 11/09/2019

      DaveJ x Goose appeal (unsafe return to track at turn 10)

      This appeal was not upheld. Goose managed to return to track safely and had all 4 wheels on track by the time DaveJ had reached the apex, nor did he cross the track upon returning. No further action taken.

      Matthew x Tomi (impeding in qualifying)

      Although not deliberate, Tomi does not look in his mirror when leaving the pits and joins the track right in front of Matthew when he is on a hot lap. Although he does move out of the way after turn 3, it has already disrupted Matthews lap. Therefore Tomi will receive one point on his licence.

      Bigdave x Danevs (impeding in qualifying and causing a collision, and apparent deliberate contact with Mitch in qualifying)

      In the incident between Dan and Bigdave, Dan clearly does not move off the racing line whilst Dave was on a hot lap which causes a collision. Therefore dan will receive one penalty point for this incident.
      The incident between Dan and Mitch noted by Dave (as evidence of possible deliberate incidents in qualifying) was also appealed by Michelin man and is discussed below.

      Danevs x Mich (impeding in qualifying)

      In this video you can see that Mitch does not move out of the way of dan for around half of the lap, therefore Mitch will receive one point for impeding during qualifying.
      However, as noted in bigdave’s appeal, once Mitch has realised Dan is behind him and moves off the racing line on the back straight after turn 10. However Dan also moves off the racing line and accelerates, hitting Mitch in the rear. As dan had to move off the racing line, and then accelerates, This is clearly a deliberate collision in retaliation to being blocked. Incidents happen in races, but causing a deliberate collision is unacceptable (in the race it would lead to an instant DSQ and 4 pen points). The FIA decided to issue Dan with one penalty point for this incident, with an additional qualifying ban for the next race attended.

      Danevs x Devil (ignoring blue flags)

      This appeal is not upheld. Devil had only passed one corner/marker board when dan attempts to overtake, therefore was not ignoring blue flags.

      Mich x Dan (impeding in qualifying)

      Dan is in front of Mitch for around half of a lap whilst he was on a qualifying lap, which would have cost Mitch time. Therefore dan will receive a penalty point for impeding

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