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      F1 Appeals from Hungary

      Matthew’s and PDid’s appeal against TLK: The appeals from both drivers are upheld. After watching all the angles, at the exit of the corner of turn 11, TLK appears to lift off the throttle after he has finished turning, meaning Matthew ran into the back of him (causing damage), which meant TLK’s car careered into PDids, causing him to DNF. Although TLK had wing damage, there was no reason to lift when going in a straight line. Therefore TLk will have three points added to his licence, and 45 seconds* added to his race time.

      DaveJ vs TLK: This appeal was not upheld. DaveJ’s car was under-steering into TLK, TLK had given more than enough space.

      Keyo vs Dan: This appeal was upheld. Although Dan is ahead, he closes the door on keyo before he is fully ahead, which caused the contact. Keyo was on the inside of the corner, was not running wide, and had a right to be there. As Dan was not completely in front, he should have left a clear cars width on the inside. As Keyo did not receive any damage, Dan would receive a 15 second* time penalty added to his race time.

      * Time pens do not affect the classification of the race, due to the position of cars, and cars being lapped

      In addition to the appeals, the FIA noted that there has been a lot of complaints from drivers about driving standards over the past few races. We would like to remind drivers that they should always race hard, but fair, and show respect to each other on, and off the track, including in massages and chat lobbies. If drivers are unhappy with another driver, they should use the appeals system, simply asking the FIA to review an incident in a race. If drivers do not appeal, bad driving will not be held accountable.

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