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      FIA 9/5/19

      F1 Monza appeals

      TLK vs DaveJ (safety car distance): This appeal is not upheld. Drivers must not fall too far behind the car in front behind the safety car, however the in game penalty system monitors this. Dave would have also disadvantaged himself by not following the car in front more closely.

      TLK vs Bigdave: Upheld, big Dave held his hands up to this incident, simply missing his braking reference. Dave will receive 1 penalty point + 15 seconds added to his race time for causing a collision resulting in damage.

      Singapore Appeals

      TLK 5 second stop-go clarification: This was due to the collision with MichelinMan.

      The FIA also noticed the secondary contact after this initial contact and spoke to both drivers involved. Mich explained that he lost control of his car due to being on the wrong tyres. Both drivers explained they had talked after the race and decided not to appeal agains each other, therefore this incident was not investigated.

      Website conduct

      It has been noticed that there has been a bit of ‘debate’ following recent incidents. Whilst it is normal for people to discus incidents from races, some of this has fallen into personal insults.

      The rules of this website are clear. You cannot make personal derogatory comments towards another member, and all members should treat each other with a basic level of respect. For the record, it is not acceptable to call someone who is disabled ‘a retard’.

      In light of this, the FIA decided that DaveJ will receive a 2 week ban from posting in the forums on the website. In addition to this, he will receive a 2 race ban, suspended for the remainder of the season. If there is a repeat of this behaviour then the race ban will come into effect.

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