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      F1 non assist appeals (Dutch GP)

      SH vs Dave (Blue flags): This appeal was upheld, bigdave to receive one penalty point for ignoring blue flags.

      SH vs horst (contact at turns 12/13): This was deemed to be a racing incident. Horst was a little deep into the corner and understeered a bit as he ran over the kerb, but there was enough space on the outside of his car to allow both cars to pass through the corner, so this was just deemed to be a racing incident.

      Pit lane entry appeals (Horst, Vern & SH): Each driver crossed at least one wheel on the entrance (horst) or the exit (Vern and SH) of the pitlane, and we noted that SH only crossed the line on one of the pit exits. For not keeping all four wheels inside the white line each driver will receive one penalty point on their licence.

      F1 assist appeals (Spanish GP)

      Bloom appeal against the AI glitch and restarts: We discussed this issue where bloomsters car was taken over by AI control at the start of the formation lap and he couldn’t take control back, this wasn’t an ideal situation and we are worried that this could be a new bug following the update to patch 1.12. I didn’t realise at the time that he had the issue before the race started, and as I was in the commentary on my own I didn’t pick up the messages (apologies for not picking it up at the time mate).

      going forward, if a driver has an issue such as this before the race starts it is within the rules to restart. I think in situations when there is only one commentator/steward that a league manager that is taking part in a race can also make the call for a red flag before the race gets underway. If they leave the lobby then I or the commentator will know that we need to restart and will be able to setup a new race lobby with a one shot quali.

      We would ask drivers however to make sure they are streaming or can press the record button just to show that they had this problem, this is just to make sure no one tries to get the red flag thrown if they didn’t like their qualifying or try and get the race restarted because they did not like the weather conditions.

      Also, we appreciate that bloomster missed out on potential points, therefore as a consolation we thought he should deserve to be classified after the last finishing driver so that at least he earns some points from the race.

      mayhem v rob (weaving in defence): Rob was weaving excessively when defending which is against the rules. Therefore rob will receive one penalty point on his license for the incident.

      mayhem vs rob (collision at turn one incident): This was a close battle (and similar to the appeal between horst and SH in the non assist league). We felt that not quite enough space was left on the inside of the corner and mayhem was squeezed which resulted in the contact, and therefore rob is at fault for the incident. As damage was sustained in the incident, rob will receive two penalty points.

      Pit lane entry appeal (Rob): Rob entered the pitlane to the left of the bollard. When entering the pitlane you should keep all four wheels inside of the painted white lines, which includes staying on the correct side of any bollards.

      N.B: Rob has gained four penalty points on his license, therefore will loose 10 points from the championship standings.

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