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      FIA 05.05.2020

      MichelinMan’s Appeals

      Incident with Keyo, lap 1, turns 1-3: This was deemed to be a racing incident as no one driver was clearly at fault for the contact that occurred.
      Incident with Baracap, lap 31, turn 1: This appeal was upheld, Baracap to receive two penalty points on their licence for the collision and resulting damage.
      Incident with Keyo, lap 41 turn 6: This appeal was not upheld (see below appeal from keyo)
      Incident with Baracap, lap 68: This appeal was upheld, Baracap to receive one penalty point for causing a collision.
      Incident with Supra, lap 34: This appeal was not upheld.

      Keyo’s Appeal

      Incident with MichelinMan, lap 41 turns 5-6: This appeal was upheld. Michelinman does not leave a cars width as keyo is on the inside and is forced partly onto the grass as they approach turn 6. This is why the appeal for the incident by Michelinman was not upheld. MichelinMan to receive one penalty point on their licence

      Horst’s Appeal

      Appeal raised against MichelinMan for the incident on lap 34? which caused the safety car to be deployed (which altered the course of the race by advantaging some drivers and disadvantaging others). The incident involved MichelinMan slowing down on the entry to turn 7 considerably more than would be expected (even with wing damage), resulting in a collision. Mich’s car then accelerates away again before appearing to brake suddenly once again between turns 9 and 10, and dekk’s car can clearly be seen having to run wide to avoid contact.

      This appeal is about sportsmanship, with what appears to be a deliberate attempt to brake check another driver. A lot of time was spent considering all the available video footage, including looking at relative apex speeds of the cars in the corners. Looking at all the footage it is clear that Mich’s car does slow down more than would be expected with the amount of damage he had at the time, and it is difficult to conclude that this is just a racing incident. Mich was asked to explain his point point of view, and suggested he had accidentally hit the pause menu and his car had gone into AI mode, and then he had to slow a second time due to the SC delta, however there was no video from his car to show this, and from onboard dekks video no AI symbol was displayed on his car, and when dekk briefly passed him in turn 10 his delta was still green so Mich’s delta would still have been positive and he should not have needed to slow so quickly.

      The rules on the website for causing deliberate collisions are quite clear, a driver should receive 4 penalty points and should be disqualified from the race results. I am mindful however of the affect this may have on the championship so close to the end of the season. Therefore, I feel that Mich should receive the 4 penalty points on his licence but will not be disqualified from the race results. Given that there are only three races remaining, these four points, added to the one from the above appeal, and the 4 already accumulated through the season mean that Mich is now on 9 points. This should be enough of a warning as incurring another three penalty points will mean Mich will lose 25 championship points.

      Tributes for Demon

      This has been a sad week following the shock passing of Demonracer74. We want to honour his memory and discussed a few different ways we could do that. We decided to do the following things.

      – Publish a story on the site to pay tribute
      – Driver to run with black/orange helmets on Sundays F1 race
      – Driver to run with tribute liveries in Wednesdays GT sport race
      – Organising a commemorative race when we all drive super formula cars with McLaren liveries. Looking to organise this for Sunday 17th May from 6pm.
      – Supra will see if his family would be accepting donations or flowers if anyone would like to pay further respects to his family
      – The driver number 74 will not be available to use in any league as a mark of remembrance, and the second McLaren will not be available to use as a reserve car for the rest of the season

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      I think that the fia should have given verbal warnings to all involved and moved on… That was the last race demon did with us and it will be forgotten because of the appeals that went in a week later…. I dont know about everyone.but i still haven’t got over losing our friend its really kicked in the last few days that hes gone.. Lets not spoil it for our tribute race for demon.. Drop the appeals and lets go racing again.. Im sorry if it upsets people but i have to be vocal on this..

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