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      Whilst we are in the testing phase of the game before the leagues start, if you notice and issues/bugs please let us know here.

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      04-07-2019 Patch Notes


      Fixed a crash seen with an Nvidia 970 graphics card running the DX12 executable.
      (PC only)

      Fixed an issue that could cause frame rate to be lower than expected during game play after viewing multiple eras in the Showroom
      Numerous other stability fixes

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      A few bugs carried over from ’18’ when players join lobbies,fuel data does not deplete
      Some sound bugs..screen flickering as in my clip on PSN.
      Car set up glitch..either not showing up in menus or adopting a car set up from spectating drivers during Fp1 sessions.
      Also, please logout correctly as I lost ALl my saved data was lost after a hard reset.

      Most of these can be easy fixes, just rejoin the session, should fix it.

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