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    Hey Guys,

    The F1 2019 release date is only a few weeks away, and once the game is released we will hold a few test races to check out the game and see if there are any bugs (please Codemasters, can we have a bug free game for once, with a working SC!).

    I would like to get peoples opinion on the league calendar, and the leagues that we will run.

    Firstly, as the game is being released sooner than previous games we could start the season sooner (E.G, if we started the season on the 28th July, with a break for Christmas we could be finished by the 3rd May). This would be great, however it may be better to start a few weeks later towards the end of August, as its likely that people will be heading off for their summer holidays so it may make sense to wait a bit. On the other hand, it may be better for the league if we started sooner as it’s likely a lot of people will buy the new game and will want to join a league.

    Regarding the leagues, we will obviously continue to run a non-assist F1 league, which will run once every two weeks as it has done so. This would mean that we will be able to revive the F2 league on the alternate Sunday if enough drivers sign up to race. However, with F1 2019 having F2 cars we may also want to think about how we could incorporate F2 into RaceStation. Firstly we may need to rename the old F1 and F2 league to F1 Assist and F1 non assist leagues. Then we could run F2, either as a support on Sunday afternoons before F1, or perhaps do something in the week for F2 for a bit of fun.

    Anyway, no decisions have been made yet, but it would be great to hear your thoughts on our 2019 leagues, and when you would like the season to start.


    I will be willing to rejoin and be a part of F2 if we get enough drivers


    Hopefully enough people will be getting the game to get it going again Mike, but if we do an F2 league in F1 cars we might have to call it something else (Like AL1) so we don’t get confused with the F2 content in the game, or if we also run an actual F2 league!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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