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    Hey Guys,

    As we move towards the start of the season we will need to work out who will be driving which cars, and which drivers are going to be team mates.

    As has been the case in the past, car allocation is given in order of priority based on who finished highest in the championship.

    For example, Horst is the champion which means he will get first pick of cars. Keyo was in second position, so will get second choice, as TLK is not racing, I would then have third choice. The next driver in the table is dekk, but he is teaming up with Keyo therefore the next choice would go to MichelinMan. Once we have allocated cars to drives who raced in 2018, allocation for new drivers will be on a a first come first serve basis.

    I will be getting in touch with drivers over the next week or so in turn to confirm your car allocation, and to try and work out team mates. If you have picked a team mate, please let me know who you will be teaming up with so I can add you here.

    So far, the confirmed teams/car allocations are;

    Horst_der_Dieb & Deamonracer: McLaren

    keyobemi-f1 & DeKKadent: Ferrari

    bigdave235 & MatthewAsbrew: Mercedes

    MicheIinMan & devilsarmpit666: Red Bull

    Pat-Pat2015 & MANIC-F1: Renault

    Mothergoosery & Dizzymind: Hass

    Pdids9 & TBC: Force India

    DanEvs85 & DAVEJ2013: Alfa Romeo

    BlitzNade & Kimi_Raikkonen84: Toro Rosso

    TBC & TBC : Williams

    The drivers who have signed up but have not been allocated yet are;

    – Skyline_catt683

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    I’m still in negotions with Keyo over access to his setups ๐Ÿ˜‚



    If I could be in the Haas I would appreciate that very much as I would like having mirrors if poss. I’m happy to be anyone’s team mate if they would like to join me?



    Sorry to interfere, but mich quit after Singapore, therefore after goose picks, it’s then Devils choice.



    Iโ€™ll take whatever is left



    Devils picking Redbull with Michelinman as his teamie
    Myself and Pdids9 in the Williams
    Devil asked me to post cause he is at work



    Thanks Dave,

    Goose would have the next pick after Mich (just in case he wants the Williams).

    Demon, he did leave, but was still classified on the championship table, and is racing in 2019.

    (Edit) Just seen Goose’s response!

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    I thought Goose choose the Haas, thats why i put up our picks



    sorry BigDave just seen you have updated the car picks cheers



    Iโ€™ll go in the Toro Rosso



    Iโ€™ll have the Renault if itโ€™s still available and my psn is MANIC-F1 I entered it wrong ๐Ÿ™‚



    Can I have the Alfa Romeo please Dave



    I’ll take the other Toro Rosso seat if it’s still available



    Is there any sign of a Assist League happening yet?



    Hi Mike,

    It doesn’t look like there is going to be a non assist league with the F1 cars this season as you have been the only person to sign up for an assist league. However I am considering how we could do some league racing with the F2 content in the game, and if we do it is likely that we will relax the assist rules here. I will keep you posted mate!

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