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      With the F1 2018 game being released today, the next 3-4 weeks will primarily be us testing the new game and getting familiar with it. It also ends up becoming a time of finding bugs and issues with newly released games.

      If anyone discovers any bugs or issues on the game, whether multiplayer mode, single player etc please post the details below.
      Any feedback/issues discovered will become vital when it comes to starting the new league season. The last thing we want to be doing is starting a new season if the game is extremely buggy and unplayable.

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      We could maybe use this time to recruit new drivers and hope they don’t quit halfway through like previous seasons.

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      Always in the plans Dekk. Perfect opportunity to find new drivers

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      i made a private session yesterday and during qualifying it came up saying error of some sort and kick all of us out of the session. Dont know if it was a one off but was extremely weird.

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      I was just wondering if the FIA would consider looking at some of the changes for the F1 2018 lobbies.

      In the F2 race for Australia, the car of driver which disconnected continue round the track at AI pace, and did not adhere to blue flags, turning the AI car into a slow moving chicane. At tracks like Monaco this could cause chaos. Any chance that the ghosting could be turned back to on until codemasters have managed to fix this issue?

      Also, could we not keep full quali if we have 11-16 drivers? Having 2 sessions of quali as opposed to 1 opens up the strategies for the race a bit more as the top 10 drivers may need to use more tyres to get through qualifying, which will mean they have less new sets for the race, and more likely drivers in the top 10 starting on softer tyres, which would mix up the strategies and make the racing a bit more interesting.

      Cheers guys

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      That car did cause me to smash up my wing, yes my fault for trying to drive through him but he was moving about track and I forgot about the ghosting off…. also agreed with the qually but Iā€™m also happy to go with what is decided, šŸ‘

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      The leagues will run with Ghosting on until (if) Codemasters change the way the ghosting behaves when a car disconnects.

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      Hello fellow racers, after yesterdays race and the apeal by sh i would like to raise something that i questioned myself when i saw the race results. This isseu has to do with the penalty system in the game. My question that raised to me is if the game does take 5 seconds stop and go in account, when you couldn’t serve it in the race. i dont want to make it sound like i am trying to cover my own ass, but the weird thing is that the race result on my screen stated that sh finished 2.1 seconds behind me. This is the result when the game only takes the corner cut penalties in account as i had 3 seconds of a penalty less and finished 0.9 seconds behind him. Is this just a clitch the game gives sometimes or is the game really not taking this penalty in account? As on my and soulmans stream it shows the gap after corner cuts only but on sh his stream the correct result is shown

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      It is something we’ve been aware of for a while now. It was the same on the last game. We keep an eye on it and work it out afterwards, if it happens.

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