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    All FiA decisions will be posted below…



    People in attendance: Vernon-ator_1991, sh-racing54, Kimi_Raikkonen84, MYKMAYHEM & MichaelC15194

    J19 appeal against Soulman for brake checking: Decision Soulman DSQ’d from race results, 2 licence points and given a final warning for track & site conduct.

    On review of the evidence, it was clear to see, despite Soulman’s attempts to defend himself, that a brake check had taken place on a straight, when J19 was trying to lap Soulman. This resulted in J19 suffering wing damage. It was also noted, that there had been a previous, failed attempt to brake check on lap 17 on the pit straight as well.
    As a result, Soulman has been disqualified from the race results for causing a deliberate collision. He has also been given 2 licence points for separate illegal blocking actions. Soulman has also been given a final warning for his on track behaviour and also for his site conduct.

    Soulman has since quit the league & site, however if he does return it would not mean that his actions from Spain would be wiped clean and he would still be issued his final warning.

    All 5 FiA members who attended the meeting agreed with this decision.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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