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    FiA decisions will be posted below…



    Mayhem’s advice request with blue flag incident with Wight:

    We will not be penalising anyone for this as it was not a full on appeal that was submitted. The footage was reviewed for clarification. It was clear to see that Mayhem was the faster driver at the time and was doing his best to unlap himself. The pass he attempted to unlap himself was deemed ok, as the chicane that he tried to pass on is one of the very few places where passing is possible.

    The pass was completed cleanly and as Mayhem was the driver in front when turning in to the chicane, it was in theory his corner to take at an area where it’s not possible to go 2 wide through the chicane. So if the situation was an on track battle for position, Wight would have been penalised for cutting the chicane and retaining a position.

    All drivers are also reminded that when side by side, or if there is any part of another car alongside you, you must always leave a cars width to avoid causing contact, which could potentially ruin yours or somebody else’s race. The incident between J19 and Putherland going side by side was noted as wheel banging was seen, but again due to the nature of Monaco it’s impressive it only went as far as wheel banging for as long as it lasted. However, at any other track where it’s a lot easier to go side-by-side, a less tolerant view will be taken if wheel banging or space isn’t left for another driver.

    Mayhem and Duggy also receive a 15 second post race penalty for excessive corner cut penalties, but these do not affect positions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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