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    Need to make an appeal, post below with video evidence and timestamp info…


    MYKMAYHEM Philip

    Can i get the stewards to take a look at the incident between me and Wight76 where just after i come out of the tunnel i go for a move up the inside to unlap myself on him and we both lock up and barely make the corner he straight lines the corner to stay a lap ahead of me , while he still could of made the corner behind me as seen in my mirrors. https://youtu.be/q7by6Ih3EJU?t=7432 Lap 53 timestamo is 2:03:52



    I would like to counter appeal mayhems appeal as he has caused issue in every race since being back as stated before!
    Anyhoo, This was no place to unlap yourself (in braking zone) when you are on the wrong side of the track to make the corner. By this I mean I was clearly on the racing line and had to take avoiding action as I couldn’t turn into the corner!



    Rules are rules!

    • 1.8 Blue Flag Rule: If a driver is a lap down they must not impede cars that are ahead of them during the race. Lapped drivers are allowed to un-lap themselves if they have greater pace than the leaders, but should do so cleanly.



    This is in no way in connection to what has been said today, but if the FIA are looking / talking to people about their conduct I’d also like them to speak to putherland ( again ) I had good battles but I felt with puth again he’s not leaving that cars width and also the move in the chicane after the tunnel we’re he went off track then came back on pushing me wide and almost out the race again, luckily I now no how everybody races so am aware of what they may do so I managed to save myself all times, just to clarify this is not so much an appeal it just this is the second time this season I’ve asked for someone to speak up and relay the rules on a cars width. I have no hard feelings towards putherland as I also no Monaco is very hard to race on ( unless ur in a merc lol ) and enjoyed the race with putherland and everybody eles, thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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