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    Any decision to appeals will be posted below…



    Members present: Vernon, Kimi, SH, Mike-Whiteside & MichaelC.

    J19 appeal against Mayhem for Causing a Collision – Decision: Causing a collision and causing damage.
    The evidence was reviewed in great detail as the incident caused a big knock-on affect. It was decided that when Mayhem headed to the pit lane he did clip J19 on his way past, causing J19 to go over the sausage kerbs and end up nose first in to the wall.

    As a result, Mayhem will receive 1 licence point and 15 second time penalty for causing a collision which resulted in damage. As J19’s car was not destroyed as a direct result of the contact from Mayhem, it was decided that the more harsher penalty was not warranted.

    It was decided that Mayhem would not be penalised for the pile-up that occurred afterwards, nor would anyone else. The footage from Madman and Putherland was reviewed, it showed that the yellow flags did not occur until quite late and also that Putherland was unsighted when he navigated the chicane as Madman’s car was obscuring his view of J19 spinning up ahead.

    A point was also raised in the meeting about a known issue in the game, where there is a slight bubble glitch when a car gets too close to a car in front. A reminder will be issued that as this glitch has been known since game release, that if a driver spins someone out as a result of the bubble glitch, they would still be investigated for causing a collision.

    It has also been noted that some drivers have become unhappy due to a number of matters over the last few weeks and months. But as a result of the issues not being raised directly to the admins, nothing has been done as a result. So we will urge drivers again that if they have any concerns or issues, then to please contact Vernon or SH so that we can look in to the said problems raised.

    Myself, SH and any driver who attends the FiA meetings to discuss any matters raised do go through all evidence to ensure that a fair and concrete decision is made, but as always anyone has the right to appeal any decision made, if they believe a step has been missed or something hasn’t been fully applied.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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