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    FiA decisions will be posted below…



    Spain decision: It has been decided that because the race was beyond half distance when it was red flagged, the race will be classified at the end of lap 37, which was the last complete lap before the glitch occurred. But also because TLK was the person who caused the VSC and then evidently caused the glitch by leaving during the VSC, he will still be put down as a DNF, rather than reinstated.

    This also means that’s half points will be awarded.

    So the finishing results are:
    1st – sh-racing54
    2nd – keyobemi-f1
    3rd – MichelinMan
    4th – Horst_der_Dieb
    5th – DAVEJ2013
    6th – DeKKadent
    7th – Kimi_Raikkonen84
    8th – devilsarmpit666
    9th – bigdave235
    10th – demonracer1974

    DNF – TLK-_-2k10, MOTHERGOOSERY, PDids9, MatthewAsbreuk, Vernon-ator_1991

    DSQ – GBM_Beardy_UK

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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