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      Post any appeals here..

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      appeal against danevs for not leaving enough room on the inside of turn 2.

      you can clearly see from the arrows, that all the way down to turn 2 while dan is passing me, i am still next to him. that and the fact I do not brake late to improve position and we touched wheels shows that i had a significant part of my car allongside. this means that he needs to give me space wich he doesn’t. i couldn’t aviod contact when he recklessly turns in too much, as braking more would have ment locking up and sliding in to him. and had i turned in more i would have been on the grass.

      stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hvA8kFbpuU (46:40)

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      I would like to appeal against TLK for a unsafe return to track after turn 4 and for defending his position after that with a broken wing
      Timestamp: 43:43

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      like to appeal TLK,time stamp 1;29 27 on his video he has a clean pass on me but goes wide into turn 2 giving me the inside line, instead of giving room he turns into me, putting me on the grass and just drives off, I do want him penalised cause he does do this every race,i have spoke to Tlk and have nothing against him.But his racing etiquette has a lot to be desired.
      https://youtu.be/HaROCFbSmrA lap 25 time stamp 40.26 on my link

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      I would like to appeal that decisions against my three point penalty and 45 seconds penalty at the present moment and I have seen Matthew footage and my review footage on 56.10 clearly shows Matt goes wide off the circuit and while coming back on and hit me contact was made. Pides could see what was going on and move to the outside of the track he would of been okay. And another thing something needs to be done devil calling me a retard. You should act on this immediately. Please note this is a formal complaint regarding his name calling

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      SHUT THE SHOW DOWN!!!!!!

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