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    Decisions to any appeals made will be posted below…



    Stewards appeals against Keyo and TLK.

    The FiA looked in to both incidents raised in by MYKMAYHEM, who was the commentator during the race so therefore was the steward as well for the race. The incident where Keyo jump starts (by accident or glitch, this is unknown), when he pulls away he gets his car all out of control and as a result hits MichelinMan, which results in MichelinMan needing to pit for a new wing.

    The decision for this type of incident as Keyo was found unanimously guilty, is a 15 sec time penalty + 1 licence point. The time penalty for Keyo also means he loses 3rd place and falls back to 4th, promoting MichelinMan to 3rd place.

    The TLK/Keyo incident was deemed a racing incident and that no action was necessary.

    All drivers from 7th down in the results who finished the race, also breached the 4 corner cut threshold meaning all drivers from 7th down get a 15 second time penalty. This obviously means nobody loses positions.

    On another note, due to some comments made in the appeal section, when it comes to making appeals. If people directly in an incident do not appeal a collision/incident that is also spotted by the commentator/steward, the steward/commentator have the right to put the appeal in.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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