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    Got an appeal to make? Post your appeal below, with video evidence and timestamp information.


    MYKMAYHEM Philip

    Stewards appeal against Keyobemi (twice) first for his jump start witch resulted in him hitting Michelinman at the start and causing damage to his wing resulting in Michelinman dropping down the field and pitting for a new front wing ( https://youtu.be/rA44g0t-TKw?t=2781 ) 2nd incident involving keyobemi was with his teammate TLK they go 2 wide in the Chicane a little too close resulting in the 2 cars touching and TLK losing a bit of his front wing ( https://youtu.be/rA44g0t-TKw?t=4014 )



    first of all i wondered since when it is possible for the steward to make an appeal on a potential collision? i thought the stewards are there to make appeals on things not directly related to other drivers like crossing the pit line etc? especially with the fact we can all appeal and in this case tlk hasn’t done so.

    to give the jump start a little context: i still had my clutch in at the point my car just took off so i couldnt do much about it. i know i can’t prove it and i am really sorry about what it did with michelin man.

    in case of the situation with tlk i would like to share both off our streams. i think it is clear that i give him enough room to have a fair battle and at the point of contact i make no weird movement what so ever

    my stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4vvnCdm9ZU&t=3803s (1:03:00)
    tlk stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rus0WWLt_CE&t=2874s ( 56:50)

    btw i dont think tlk has blame here as well so it is not an appeal, i believe this is just a racing incident because of good close racing.



    I agree with keyo who said commentators/Stewards are there to decide who’s at fault between drivers when a participating driver makes a complaint. Mayhem should ask Vern if he can make a complaint about two drivers. However for what its worth I was on the track when Keyo came back onto the track after going wide at that corner and hit me, he was out of my sightline (off track) as I am taking the corner. We have not make a complaint about coming together.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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