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    Decisions to FiA appeals will be posted below…



    DaveJ appeal against TLK: TLK penalised for causing a collision – 10 second post race time penalty for TLK + an additional 10 seconds for not allowing DaveJ back past.

    On review of the footage, you can see that DaveJ is defending the inside line going to turn 1 at the start, due to having cars on his right. There was no space on the inside for any car to get passed DaveJ. On review of TLK’s stream, it is clear to see that TLK just hits the back of Dave and that is what forces DaveJ to have a half spin on the grass, thankfully stopping in time to avoid any contact with any other car.

    TLK appeal against Matt: Matt penalised for causing a collision which results in damage – 1 licence point + 15 sec time penalty for causing a collision, which results in damage.

    Again on review of the footage, we can see at the start of lap 32, Matt and TLK are side by side, with Matt on the inside. On approach to the braking zone, Matt’s left front wheel touches the grass and this causes him to lock up and effectively side swipe TLK, causing TLK left side front wing damage. As a result, Matt was found at fault of this collision.

    Vern’s appeal against instant 3 sec time penalty: Decision is penalty removed.

    SH, Mayhem, Kimi & MichaelC reviewed this footage. Coming out of the last chicane, SH & Keyo are battling for 2nd position and both get a slow exit due to the overtaking move by Keyo. This allowed Vern the run on both of them. Vern passes SH down the pit straight and attempts to pass Keyo round the outside of turn 1, but outbrakes himself and ends up taking to the run off. Vern slows down considerably to allow Keyo back past and as a result also has to let SH back through, due to Keyo being passed by SH in turns 1 and 2. So it was deemed that the instant 3 sec time penalty received was not fair and therefore will be removed from the end results. This would initially put Vern back in to P3, but as a result of receiving more than 4 time penalties, Vern’s 15 sec time penalty he will receive will put him back down to P4.

    MichelinMan will also be credited for P6 and not P1 as the race results show. This happened due to a timing glitch in the game when anyone leaves and rejoins a lobby mid race.

    Vern, bigdave, Dekk & Matt will all receive a 15 sec time pen for exceeding 4 corner cut pen.

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