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    Got an appeal to make, post your evidence below along with timestamp.



    Against TLK,first lap first corner,time stamp 20.59 mykmayhem stream,slams in the back of me putting me on to the grass almost resulting in me taking out half the racers in front of me.




    I am counter appeal against DAVEJ2013 on the start of the race we all going into turn 1, and now I’m going to overtake dave, he went to block me slowing as he did so causing a collision and damage to my left end plate, his momentum took him onto the grass. As for him nearly taking out half of the field I think this is a bad remark for him to say.

    My Second appeal against Matthew we both going side by side into turn 1 there is a enough room for us both but he couldn’t make his line, he brake far too late and he hit me, I lost my left end plate again!!! to view, go onto 44.36 to 45.04 https://youtu.be/dlCYS7kPwGI



    This my stream so you guys have all the angels. Time stamp i don’t know😁.



    I know this isn’t a discussion thread,but at what time did i even try to block.



    Request to have a instant 3-sec time penalty removed from my list of penalties received 47:00 mins in to my stream.

    Coming out of the last chicane, Keyo and SH are battling and get slow exits as a result. I pass SH down the straight and attempt to pass Keyo around the outside of turn 1. The attempt fails and I have to go down the run off. I slow right up to a near stop to allow Keyo back past, to avoid any illegal overtake possibilities and have to let SH back through as well due to him passing Keyo at the same time as I recover to track.

    Now as I did not intentionally cut the corner, nor did I gain an advantage, I feel this pen is very harsh. It won’t help me towards P3 as I’ll get a 15 sec time penalty anyway due to the number of pens I did get, but it keeps me away from P5 if bigdave tried to get the same thing done. Trying to protect my P4 position.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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