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F2 league drivers title going down to the wire

This weekend saw the drivers championship in the F2 league take a major swing. Championship leader keyobemi-f1 crashed out in the early stages of the league race at Austin, USA and madman_281 took full advantage by battling to the win over TLK-_-2k10. As a result, the points gap between leader keyo and 2nd place madman is now 7 points with 3 rounds to go. TLK gave it everything to take the win. He actually crossed the line first, but as a result of a 3 second corner cut penalty it put him behind madman in the final results. It could have ended so differently though as TLK & madman both came in to contact with each other on 2 occasions, luckily neither suffering damage.

Who will come out on top at the end of the season? Stay very much tuned to the coverage, streamed out live every fortnight.


Sh-racing54 is set to become F1 league drivers champion for the 3rd consecutive season this weekend. It’s all but decided already, but mathematically SH can still be caught. Although this is rather unlikely.

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