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F1 2017 is here!

The dust has barely had time to settle on the 2016 season, but by now you will have probably picked up your copy of F1 2017. Although the game retains many features found in 2016, with the change in regulations implemented for the 2017 season you will notice a big difference in the way the cars handle, and there have been a number of overall improvements to the game since the last incarnation.

Anyway I’m sure you would rather be playing the new game as opposed to reading about it. However I’m sure you are eager to sign up to race in one of RaceStation’s 2017 F1 or F2 leagues. The sign-up page is now open, just click here to head over to the sign-up page on the forum.

You will be able to find a full (provisional) calendar for the upcoming season in the forum, however don’t forget that the first test race will take place this Sunday at 7pm at Spa Francorchamps!

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