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F1 2016 – It’s almost time to start racing

It is probably one of the most anticipated F1 games for a number of years. Many new features were promised such as formation laps, safety cars, more car control, better handling, 22 car lobbies etc. But has it lived up to expectations? Well yes, almost.

F1 2016 is arguably the best F1 game many of us have ever played. The car handling is a really exciting challenge, the torque of the engine is something which now must be respected, along with the kerbs and the limits of the track. A great example is Eau Rouge. On F1 2015 it was easy flat through raidillon and over the crest of the hill, however in F1 2016 you are aware just how much the car wants to step out at the rear, and many of us have done a ‘k-mag’ whilst trying to negotiate this part of the track.

The game has not been without its problems however. There are a few known glitches to have surface, such as the parc ferme setting not applying to all drivers in a full qualifying system, or the safety car system which could use a little refinement.

However, compared to the launch spec version of the previous game, F1 2016 is a massive improvement, mostly due to the fact it is possible to set up multiplayer lobbies!

The testing schedule for the current leagues is now well under way. Our first two general test races took place at Mexico and Spa. These have given a good insight into the game, despite all of the 5 lap and 25% races we do during the week completing a 100% test race with a full lobby is the best way to highlight potential issues that may be faced with the league.

Although there are a few minor issues with the game (which are likely to be patched) we feel we do not need to delay the start of the championship this time around. The next two test races this Sunday and next will be races specifically for the GP2 league and the F1 league, with GP2 starting first this Sunday 4th September, and F1 the following Sunday 11th September.

The rules for the leagues have been discussed and are shown below. They are pretty much the same as usual except for a few minor tweaks including an earlier race start time;

Session Options

Race Start: 7pm GMT (to accommodate potential full qualifying)

Practice Type: None

Qualifying: Short qualifying, or full qualifying if more than 16 drivers are present.

N.B: Full qualifying will only be used once any parc ferme bugs have been removed

Race distance: 100%

Starting Grid: Qualifying

Weather: Dynamic

Session Start time: Realistic


Race Settings

  F1 GP2
AI Driver Level Hard Hard
Car Performance Equal Equal
Parc Ferme Rules On On
Collisions On On
Vehicle Damage Simulation Full
Safety Car On On
Corner Cutting Strict Strict
Formation Lap On On
Race Starts Manual Manual




  F1 GP2
Braking assists Off Off
Anti-Lock Brakes Off Off
Traction Control Off Full
Automatic Gearbox Off Automatic
Pit Assist Off Off
Dynamic Racing Line Off Full


A few things to note. Corner cutting will be left to strict this year, but the additional penalty points system used in the second half of the 2015 season will not be used. The AI car issue where people retired during a race without pulling into the pits was another potential problem. This season all drivers will be responsible for their AI car. If a driver does not retire in the pits and their AI car stay on track getting in the way and causing incidents that driver will be liable for any penalty points incurred. If you disconnect, you must return to the lobby as soon as possible to take over your car again.

So if all goes to plan, the first race of 2016 Season will take place in Albert Park, Melbourne Australia for the GP2 league on the 18th September, followed by the F1 League on the 25th September. A full schedule will be updated on the website soon, but we will be racing every Sunday except for a short break over the Christmas period, when most people will probably be too drunk to drive (ok just me then).

If you still have not bagged a seat in one of our leagues, there are still a few seats left, more so in GP2 than F1. So head over to the forum here and put your name down for what is likely to be the best season of racing yet!


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