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A tribute to DemonRacer74

As you may have recently heard, it is with great sadness that we learn the news of the passing of Phil Cook, aka Demonracer74. This news has come as a great shock to everyone who knew him through this site. We would like to offer our condolences to his family during this difficult time and pay to pay tribute to our dear friend.

It had been a difficult season for Demon on track. There was an increased number of drivers in the field for 2019 and a pace at the front has at times been blistering. Because of this Demon had only managed to gain a handful of points during all season.
Drivers struggle from time to time, and many people just give up when things are not going their own way. Demon was not like that, however. His commitment to this league was more than just wanting to win. For him it was about his passion for F1, a love of McLaren, but mostly it was being part of a community of people who all enjoy racing, and the friendship and mutual respect you can only get from driving side by side cleanly with fellow races at over 200mph (with all of the assists off and damage on full!).

Demon was a key figure in this league and was always willing to help organise things. He would send reminders to people when the next race was, he would help with FIA decisions, and he was always around to mediate those heated conversations that are sometimes had after a race.

But most of the time Demon was just always around, ready to do a bit of practice for the next race and up for a good conversation and a laugh in the party chat. He would always help people out when they had a problem, and even posted a spare set of pedals to another league member when their set had broken! I personally have spent many hours testing out various setups whilst discussing anything from Donald Trump, to the various metaphors Kimi and Keyo would use to describe being hit off track. He always had time for everyone, and many of us will have fond memories of the hours we spent together online, and it this reason why he will be missed by so many people. The RaceStation community would not exist without people like Demon, and it isn’t going to be the same without him.

Here at RaceStation, we would like to pay tribute to our friend and fellow racer Demonracer74. For the remainder of the season we want to encourage drivers to pay a mark of respect by changing their helmet design to black (with a bit of papaya orange).In Gran Turismo leagues we would like it if drivers altered their car designs to pay a personal tribute to Demon (such as running with a black livery). As a further mark of respect, the car number 74 will be retired from use indefinitely, and drivers will not be allowed to reserve in, or switch to the second McLaren car for the remainder of the season.

We would also like to pay tribute to Demon in the best way we could, by holding a racing league in his honour. On Sunday 17th May at 6pm (UK time) we will run a mini championship on Gran Turismo. Full details will follow, but it will involve shortish races on a couple of different tracks and will be run in Super Formula Cars. To honour Demon, drivers will need to run a McLaren livery on their car from any era.

Demon my friend, you will be missed, but you will be forever remembered as long as the racing continues. RIP

Phill Cook 1974 – 2020